Privacy Policy

This Privacy Notice applies to all processes of the F. B. Tupue & Company ("the Firm") that involve your personal information. The Firm values the your privacy and employs reasonable measures to protect your personal information in accordance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012 ('DPA'), its Implementing Rules and Regulations, and related issuances from the National Privacy Commission ('NPC'). Personal information means any information or data that can be used to distinguish or identify you.

It is necessary for the Firm to collect your personal data for the purposes stated in this notice.

When you share your information with us, you also confirm and grant us permission to collect and verify related information from other sources, unless you advise us not to do so.

This Data Privacy Statement will inform you on how we process and protect your personal information. By signing the below, you certify that you have read and understood, and agree to, the terms below.

Information We Collect

By applying in the Firm, you hereby expressly agree, consent, and authorize the Firm to collect and process the following personal and sensitive personal information:

  • Personal Details: Name, address, contact details, birthday, age, gender, civil status, nationality, signature, ID picture, birth certificate, family information
  • Government-Issued Identification: SSS Number, PhilHealth Number, Tax Identification Number, HDMF/PAG-IBIG Number
  • Educational Background: Schools attended, degree/course, date attended, honors/commendations received, diploma/certificate of graduation, transcript of records/copy of grades
  • Employment Background : Name of company, address, contact number, job title, dates employed
  • Health information : Including information about your mental health
  • Where applicable, conviction of any criminal offences
  • References : Name, address, telephone number
  • Other information which may be indicated in the Applicant's resume, including but not limited to, membership in an organization, affiliation, certification, licenses.

How We Use the Information

We collect and process personal data for the purposes (i) for which you have provided the data or made it otherwise available to us or to the public, and to enable us to fully and efficiently achieve those purposes, (ii) as allowed by applicable law, and (iii) those purposes specified as follows:


We use personal data to:

  1. comply with and exercise our rights under contracts and agreements, and the law, as may be required by our operations and in pursuit of our legitimate business and commercial objectives;
  2. perform and improve our services, and address concerns or questions about those services;
  3. implement efficiencies and best practices;
  4. obtain services and advice for our operations and business;
  5. conduct surveys, research, and data gathering exercises;
  6. market, promote and share information about the firm and our services;
  7. communicate with you; and
  8. allow audits and diligence for compliance and other review by advisers or third parties. In this regard, we will require such advisers or third parties to enter into a confidentiality agreement.

Employee Data

We may collect and process personal data from current or prospective employees in order to initiate, carry out, or terminate an employment agreement, including the results of certain medical examinations that are part of conditions of employment.

For job applicants, we may process personal data required in order to initiate the employment application process. The collected personal data of any applicant, who may not have been hired, may be retained by the firm for purposes of future selection process.

We may share an applicant’s or an employee’s personal data when expressly authorized by law or when the applicant or employee concerned has given consent, as when the Firm is provided as a reference.

Company files, records (whether or not electronic), computers, devices and facilities are the property of the Firm, and we may examine and review their contents at any time, whether or not an officer, employee or other staff has personal data, property or other information stored therein.

How We Process the Information

We may be able to obtain personal data in various ways. These include where a natural or juridical person (a "Person") –

  1. enters into an agreement with us, whether or not written, including an employment contract, assurance engagement, or other contract to avail of our services;
  2. submits to us any application, form, request, notice, or some other document;
  3. inquires after or applies for employment;
  4. becomes an employee, officer, consultant, agent, supplier or service provider of the Firm;
  5. accesses, browses, visits, or uses any of our websites, platforms, social media presence, and other online presence; or
  6. otherwise provides us with personal data, whether directly or through another Person.

Where personal data is publicly available, we may be able to collect the data from such public sources, including any online presence you may have.

Insofar as you disclose personal data when accessing or visiting the Firm’s website, we may process such personal data as well. Further, we may collect and process information that is normally collected as a standard part of your browsing activity. This may include your IP-address, access times, system activity, cookies, device identifier and hardware information, and other log information that is collected when you browse or visit our sites and accounts.

Information Security

The Firm has put in place physical, electronic, and managerial procedures designed to help prevent unauthorized access, to maintain data security, and to use correctly the Information we collect online. These safeguards vary based on the sensitivity of the Information that we collect and store.


For any inquiry related to this Policy, please contact our Data Protection Officer through